Welcome to Your
Next Chapter of Healing

There is something inside you that is calling out to be shared.

There's a reason you feel uninspired and stuck, despite the big visions and dreams living inside of you.

It's time to stop hiding and following everyone else's rulebook.

Step away from information overload. Brush off people's options. Ditch the "right" way and start trusting the wisdom of your soul. 

This is the space where true magic can unravel. This is the sweet spot I support you to landing in...

Within Activations By Annette, there are two ways to play -
Annette Maria: An Intuitive Coaching & Healing Practice
Sanctuary Publishing: A Hybrid Publishing Company Merging Publishing & Purpose


Explore the two sides below to see where I can best support you...

Annette Maria: An Intuitive Coaching & Healing Practice

Supporting burned out feminine leaders to return back to themselves and  create the life of their dreams in a sustainable way!

Offering 1:1 Somatic Soul Coaching, Sound + Energy Healing and Cacao Ceremonies in Hopatcong, NJ.

Hosting various workshops in Northern NJ & retreats globally.

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Sanctuary Publishing: Merging Publishing + Healing 

Supporting soul-led leaders in writing and being seen for their sacred story. 

Offering multi-author experiences, solo-author journeys and writing retreats to support you in whatever stage you are in. 

Serving authors globally.

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“Annette’s superpower is creating a safe and relatable space for women to confront the uncomfortable aspects of themselves they have buried for years”- Karlyn. L

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How is the Multi-Author
Experience Different?

Claire Bradshaw shares how the "Caged No More" multi-author container supported her creative and professional process along the publishing journey.

"It was such an incredible journey, not just from the perspective of creating something and sharing our message and story in the world. But also from the perspective of the inner journey I went through. The journey I went through personally, I did become the butterfly." -Claire B. 

Dive into the video below to hear the full testimonal.