As a Somatic Guide & Intuitive Facilitator of Healing, I support soul-led leaders like you to feel wildly expressed in being seen for who they truly are. 
I guide you to move through and break free from the programming that has kept you small & hidden, allowing you to shine bright in this world. 

During our work together, we will use various personalized healing tools:

• Somatic Healing • Coaching • Meditation • Mantra Chanting
• Energy Healing 
• Connecting with Goddess/God Energies
• Oracle Card Readings • Channeled Insights • Light Language Activations

Reaching a grounded space of embodiment is essential in order to authentically step into more impactful and aligned levels of leadership.
First, we will use somatic movement and tools to access deeper connection to your physical body. 
Then we will deep-dive into energetics and mindset, to support you with ongoing integration as you serve and live out your purpose.
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Immerse & Emerge

A 4-month journey into connection and purpose.

This is for you, the soul-led leader.

You are ready to be seen in your next level of expansion within your sacred work & life purpose.

Commit to this 1:1 journey and tap deeper into self-trust, accessing your higher self’s wisdom.

Expect To:

  • Reconnect to your cyclical feminine essence, ending burnout cycles. 
  • Discover pleasure, expression and joy within your body and business.
  • Develop your ability to self-source and gain clarity through channeling & intuition. 


  • Bi-weekly 90 minute calls
  • Integration Practices
  • Interim Voxer Support
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Somatic Series

A 6 session series exploring somatic healing.

Create an intimate connection with your body’s wisdom to support the path of your soul’s purpose.

Somatic Healing is a body-based modality that moves you through limiting beliefs and heavy emotions. It brings the nervous system into balance for deeper healing through breath, movement and expressive art.


  • Focus on Somatic Healing
  • Custom Healing Modalities
  • Guided Meditation
  • Talk Coaching


  • (6) 90 minute sessions
  • Focus on somatic healing
  • Integration practices 


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Wildly Express(ed)

A one-time activation session to activate your expression.

Are you a soul-led leader curious to learn what this work is all about, but not ready for a long-term commitment?

Do you have a new idea but have hesitation or fear around bringing it to life?

Perhaps you are looking for some extra support with integration and activation after a major upgrade.

This session is for you.

The Wildly Express(ed) is a 90-minute single session. During our time together, we will get you moving through what is holding you back from feeling wildly expressed and activated in your life + business.

This is also an excellent way to explore what type of coaching or program will be best for your growth.

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