Silenced No More: Stories From Women Rising Above The Patriarchy is here to support feminine liberation. 

You are here because you rose up and stood for your truth. You have overcome some truly hard and dense periods of your healing to now land in a space that feels liberated. 

I honor how challenging it has been for you, I am sharing this work in the world because I know how hard it can be to stand firm in your truth as well. How freeing but also how lonely it can feel. It is time to remind other women that there is a sisterhood here.

The patriarchal way of operating is rooted in staying silent about our abuse or traumas, being uneducated about our bodies and blind to our Feminine power. 

I'm here to say - Fuck that! You with me?!?

By being, connecting and sharing our stories through our Feminine power change can be created. We are not here to yell loudly - we are here to soften into our beingness. 

We are here to stand firm speaking our truth. We are not asking for validation, we know our truth. We are here to start an evolution, leading with how we are being. 

If you are a feminine leader who is ready to share their sacred story in this potent energy...

Dive into the 10 minute video below to hear all the details as well as you can read the details below. 

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This next level expansion of being apart of

Silenced No More is for someone who is.. 

  • Ready to share their story in a new and exciting way 
  • A entrepreneur making massive impact on the planet
  • A visionary who fantasizes about writing a book but puts it on the bucket list rather than the to-flow list 
  • Understands collaboration is the next level way to greater abundance

Are you ready to become the author you always dreamed of?

Sanctuary Publishing is here to serve you! 

Sanctuary Publishing was birthed to support leaders in feeling wildly expressed while showing others what is truly possible. 


Hiiya I'm Annette Maria, Founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Somatic Soul Guide, Sound Healer & Bhakti Yogi. 

I firmly believe we are all placed on this Earth for a unique mission. & this mission isn't about the single self, it is all about the Collective self. The more individuals that step into their unique mission- the more of a fulfilling society we can co-exist in. 

I support individuals in tapping into their ultimate expression of self while being of service in the way they were born to be.

Through showcasing authors who are already shining their light, this will be the catalyst for individuals to lean into the infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to share your story, inspire others & become apart of a collaborative network of other badass individuals?! 

Check out past projects & see what contributors have said: 

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All you need to do is write a 3,000 word chapter & bio-

Sanctuary Publishing takes care of the rest!

 What you receive:

    • Support on writing your 3,000 word chapter & professional bio 
    •  Editing & Formatting 
      • Professional editors focusing on grammar/ sentence structure that return your chapter to you for minor revisions
      • Professional Formatting for both the digital and paperback version
    • Cover Design 
      • Front & Rear design
      • Personalized Promotional Images 
    • Private Facebook Group 
    • Best Seller Status on Amazon
    • Trainings by Annette Maria and from experts in Intuitive Writing, PR & How to Leverage Podcasts & Press, Heart Centered Public Speaking, Leveraging the Launch of this book & various healing circles to support the energetics
    • Networking Events 
    • List of 50 podcasts actively looking for guests & contact information

Investment of $1,444

For those who want 1:1 support- 

+ 1 60 min. session with Intuitive Writing Coach, Megan Barnhard. 

+ 1 90 min. Somatic Healing session with Annette Maria 

+ List of 50 podcasts personalized to your brand actively looking for guests (100 in total)

+ 1:1 Voxer support with Annette Maria 

Additional $777

*Payment plans are available*

Timeline: We begin beginning of June, chapters will be due in July. 

Next steps: Fill out the application & I will get back to you in 24-48 hours if Silenced No More is the right fit for you!

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Let's make art
together sister! I wanted to share with you a song of expression that embodies the energy of this book... 

Are you ready to honor your expression & own the power of your story? 

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Your Next Level Expansion

As a published author, I know the roadblocks that come up along the way- I will support you throughout the entire process with... 

MESSAGING - You will learn how to craft your chapter so that it speaks DIRECTLY to the heart & soul of the reader. Your chapter will inspire them to connect with you. 

EMBODIMENT - I will guide you through the imposter syndrome that may arise & guide you in embodying this next level version of yourself. 

LEVERAGE - You will learn how to use the book to be featured on podcasts & various speaking engagements

NETWORKING - You will connect with  other badass CEO's & creatives who are sharing their magic in the world. 

STRATEGY - You will learn how to launch your own offers off the back of the book launch.

With anything- the choice is within your hands to use this new project as a tool for expansion. This will aid you in getting in front of your ideal client, new opportunities & making more money if you put in the effort.

Through Sanctuary Publishing- I will guide you in creating the most streamlined & effective experience for you. 


Ready to become a published author & inspire others towards liberation? 


If you are feeling a fuck yes, fill out the application below to see if you are the right fit! 

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