Annette Maria

Somatic Soul Coach, Intuitive Sound + Energy Healer,  Retreat Leader and Podcast Host


I support burned out Feminine leaders to return back to themselves. With 6+ years experience supporting healing through various modalities, I saw an underlying thread behind all my clients - a disconnection from their body's wisdom. 

The body holds the missing key to your healing journey. It stores every past trauma within your tissues and nervous system. Often times we are worried about the mindset & spiritual connection, the body gets pushed aside in the healing process.

The same happens when we are building our dreams, the vision becomes us  until the body stops us in our tracks. The body is calling you into the present moment...

What if I told you that tapping into your body's natural rhythms and cycles will allow you to make your wildest dreams happen in a sustainable way? To drop the industrialized ways of operating and softening into your feminine power. 

No more loosing yourself to the dream but instead feeling energized, fulfilled and excited in the process of building.

I'm so passionate about supporting others in this way because I know what it is like to live life like you are constantly running from something. I was running from deep layers of traumas rooted in sexual, emotional and physical abuse as well as anxiety & depression.

But through developing a sense of inner safety by working through my shadow side and developing trust within myself - I was able to quit running and start truly living. With that my business, relationships and healing started to flourish in ways I could have never dreamed of.

I'm excited to support you in igniting your unique way of operating that will support you in living alongside your dream. My work is for those who are ready and committed to make the changes needed to live life on their own terms. 

Ready to throw the "shoulds" in the garbage and discover who you are underneath it all?


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200 Hour Charka Flow Yoga Teacher  100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher  Certified Massage & Stretch Therapist ☾ Reiki Level 2 Practitioner ☽ Sound Healer ☾ Muse Alchemy Somatic Healer ☽ Shamanic Practitioner In-Training


How Sanctuary Publishing Was Born

An important part of my journey influencing my offering to you, was publishing my first book: The Worry Wave. This book was channeled through to support children with their emotions but once I finished with the writing, I began facing all the fears & confusion of what to do with my creation.
This led to me signing with a vanity publisher, which illuminated what I wanted to do to shift the process next time I had an opportunity.
Throughout the publishing of The Worry Wave, I felt like an afterthought as the author. It was totally impersonal. This experience helped me realize that birthing a book into the world is a sacred act. The emotional and practical process of writing and publishing a book deserves to be honored with appropriate support and space.
I started Sanctuary Publishing so I could empower you through this process. With transparency and collaboration at the forefront, we provide the support and tools to ignite your dream coming true.
Our mission is to provide the resources and tangible result to accelerate your career and boost your income!
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