Annette Maria

Founder of Sanctuary Publishing.
Somatic Healing + Embodiment Guide.
Retreat Facilitator, and Podcast Host

I support soul-led leaders to reconnect to their body, mind and spirit and empower them to show up in their wildest expression.

Whether this through one-on-one coaching, somatic healing sessions, or along the journey to being a published author, my mission is supporting individuals to live out their soul's purpose in an easeful and authentic way.

I am not here to do the work for you. As an Embodiment Guide, if you are ready to step into your fullest potential, I am here to pass along the lighter to ignite your fire. My role is to teach and provide the tools to help you move through your blocks, and remind you of your limitless potential -- no matter how big your vision may be.

When someone recognizes their potential and steps into their purpose, you will experience both fulfillment, fresh challenges and new levels of joy! In my eyes, the more individuals who step into their purpose, the more joy we can experience on the planet.

How Sanctuary Publishing Was Born

An important part of my journey influencing my offering to you, was publishing my first book: The Worry Wave. This book was channeled through to support children with their emotions but once I finished with the writing, I began facing all the fears & confusion of what to do with my creation.
This led to me signing with a vanity publisher, which illuminated what I wanted to do to shift the process next time I had an opportunity.
Throughout the publishing of The Worry Wave, I felt like an afterthought as the author. It was totally impersonal. This experience helped me realize that birthing a book into the world is a sacred act. The emotional and practical process of writing and publishing a book deserves to be honored with appropriate support and space.
I started Sanctuary Publishing so I could empower you through this process. With transparency and collaboration at the forefront, we provide the support and tools to ignite your dream coming true.
Our mission is to provide the resources and tangible result to accelerate your career and boost your income!