Upcoming Writing Retreat

Sacred Storytellers Writing Retreat 


Step into ease and flow as you birth your soul book among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Give yourself the gift of sacred, spacious time to BE. So you can write from a full cup.


Receive energetic and practical support and step boldly into your next chapter as an author and leader in your field.

You’re here because you have a book idea that’s bursting out of your heart. It’s about your big work in the world, or your personal journey, or perhaps a combination.

Maybe you’ve started writing already. Or have hundreds of notes on your phone. Or maybe you simply feel called to speak your truth and share your story with the world, even if you’ve never written a book before.


You want to write this big, bold, powerful book, and you want to do it without…

… feeling forced or heavy— like it’s an obligation you know you’ll procrastinate from

… waiting another 1 or 5 or 10 years until you “have more time”

… having to stick to a rigid structure that cramps your creative style and sucks your energy


We’re Annette and Megan, and we believe in making the journey of writing your book just as joyful as the experience of sharing it with the world.

Annette is a Somatic Soul Guide & Publisher and Megan is an Intuitive Writing Coach & Story Magician. Together, we help you activate your ideas, your energy, and your flow so you birth your soul book with ease.

Having worked with dozens of authors, we know that successfully writing, publishing, and promoting a book all comes down to one surprising thing:

How much you’re enjoying the process.

If you’re not enjoying the journey, when it comes time to publish and promote your book, it’s going to feel heavy.

Maybe you’ve already experienced this heaviness in your writing journey as…

starting and stopping several times

feeling stalled and uninspired

worrying that you won’t finish

beating yourself up for not being further along by now

Time to let it all go, Love.

When you detach from the outcome and enjoy the journey, you open up to play and possibility.

You step into massive self-trust, and you’re simply present to the experience.

This is when the really big shifts take place. Those “out of the blue” lightning bolts of inspiration hit. Those full-body-chills ideas start to flow.

You feel so clear about what to write and how to allow it all to unfold.


And that’s when you experience powerful results.


You’ll feel deeply grounded in your body so it’s exciting and joyful to step into this next level of visibility and leadership, even if this is your first book.


You’ll see your book with greater clarity and become massively excited about moving forward with it, or know what needs to be adjusted so your journey feels light.

It will be easy to determine what topics to cover — and which ones to leave out — as you continue writing, thanks to simple and intuitive practices you’ll learn and carry with you.

Your book will feel more real as you share your ideas with us with other participants, and you’ll feel a renewed sense of energy and confidence about bringing your book into the world.

You’ll release stuck energy that may be showing up as procrastination or perfectionism, and instead feel free and in flow.

Get ready to dance with your creativity.

Over the course of 6 magical days you’ll experience…

✅ Writing workshops to find your book’s soul and structure so you know exactly what you want to say, why, and to whom

✅ Guidance and playful experimentation to find your flow and step into joyful creation

✅ Energetic activations and rituals to cultivate your Highest-Self Leader and step deliciously forward into visibility

✅ Somatic awareness practices to acknowledge and easily alchemize emotions or beliefs standing in the way of birthing your book

✅ Lots of spacious time to lose yourself in writing with zero obligation to be anywhere or take care of anyone but you 😉

✅ Immersion in nature, including hiking trails, a 100-foot waterfall, serene sitting spots, and the majestic magic of the Blue Ridge Mountains holding a high frequency for you so you can fully exhale and BE

✅ Opportunities for deep connection in both group events, like our fire circle, and in casual moments as you sip tea in the teahouse or watch the sunset on the verandah.

✅ Pre-retreat Ignition Call to meet other participants and set powerful intentions that will help you get exactly what you need from our time together in person.

✅ Post-retreat Integration Call to reconnect, recharge, share celebrations, and be held in loving accountability as you continue your book journey.


Your experience also includes…


✅ Accommodations in Elohee’s tranquil, modern cottages.

✅ All meals prepared with love and intention from locally-sourced ingredients.

✅ The option to purchase a massage or reiki session in Elohee’s luxurious spa


Imagine a week of tranquility and possibility.

No dishes to wash, kids or partner to look after, or emails to take you away from your big work.

Instead, you awake to birdsong and the light of the sun coming up over the mountains. You step from your cottage into Mother Nature’s welcoming arms, and stroll along a quiet path to a healthful and delicious breakfast. With no clean up afterward.

Throughout your day, you receive the support and guidance to allow your book to take shape. You’re invited into rituals and writing practices that unleash your creativity. And also given plenty of downtime to write, read, reflect, meditate, move your body, and reconnect to your spirit.

Your evenings are filled with a sense of calm satisfaction, knowing that you’re here, doing the work, following the calling of your soul and what she wants to create.

This is your invitation to create from your most joyous place! To come on retreat with your creativity and allow her to whisper all her best ideas in your ear.

We’re here to support you on the journey so you have what you need to move forward.

It’s just up to you to say YES to you, YES to your book, YES to your dream.

With love,

Annette & Megan


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